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Jan & Lou - AppleGarden FarmOur history is young compared to some of the apple growers in the region. We purchased our farm as bare ground in the late fall of 2007 from the old Cerini estate close to the historic town of Tomales, in Northern California. Used primarily for cattle grazing, we knew that extensive preparation was needed to convert this property to an orchard. With very limited water availability, we decided to plant semi-dwarf trees that would utilize a drip irrigation system in the early years while getting established, and then convert to “dry-farming” as the trees matured. People ask how we decided on our name. This is our “gardening project” that grew larger when we retired. Louis loves to grow everything, and every place we’d lived for all the years we had “day jobs,” he’d had a large garden which supplied us with most of our vegetables. Adding fruit was the next step!

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3875 Tomales-Petaluma Road, Tomales, CA, 94971, United States
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